About Joggetur ANS 


Sight jogging is a new trend in many cities around the world and in August 2011 it came to Bergen. The idea is to offer people visiting Bergen a non-traditional way of being guided through the city centre’s main sights, picturesque alleys and hidden gems, combining jogging and sightseeing.


The company Joggetur ANS, which is the Norwegian word for "going for a jog", was established in August 2011 by three locals who enjoy jogging, live in city centre and love their beautiful city. The idea was to combine jogging and showing visitors around the city in order to exercise in a different way.


We want to offer people visiting Bergen a way to get to know this lovely city better, in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. There may be many reasons why you should join us for a jogging tour;


  • You may be a business traveller that likes to go jogging before breakfast or to have an afternoon jog after a long day’s work.
  • You may be a tourist seeking a way of combining your need for exercise with a guided tour by local people living in city centre.
  • You may be a group of people wanting to share something special and socialize in a new and interesting way.
  • You may be alone in Bergen with a need for jogging, but without the knowledge about where to run or the company of someone else.


Bergen city centre offers multiple jogging routes, all very scenic in our beautiful city. The routes range from easy jogging routes in city centre in order to see a variety of the Bergen sights up close, to more demanding, longer and hillier routes up into the surrounding mountains with splendid visitas. For further information, see the different route descriptions.


In addition to jogging, our product also includes the urban trend “spotted by locals”, which is a chance to discover a city with a local. Our jogging guides are all locals living in city centre, thus in addition to a short description of the various sights we pass and the history of the city, you will receive tips on where to eat and drink and exciting things to do in Bergen whilst you are here. Therefore we put a lot of effort into qualifying our jogging guides, and helping them stay updated on what’s going on in Bergen’s social and cultural scene, in addition to being a fit jogging guide.


If you like jogging and want something a little different, don’t hesitate to contact us to book “A Bergen jogging experience". 


We can also recommend to explore a guided jogging tour in many different cities around the world through the "Go Running Tours" global network: www.gorunningtours.com



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