Prices, Booking and Safety





The price per person for the various jogging routes are:


  • SJR1 – Bergen in a nutshell – 250 NOK
  • SJR2 – Bergen in half a nutshell – 200 NOK
  • SJR3 – Old Bergen - 300 NOK
  • MJR1 – Fjellveien – 300 NOK
  • MJR2 – Isdalen – 300 NOK
  • MJR3 – Stoltzen – 400 NOK (including refreshments during jog).
  • MJR4 – Vidden – 500 NOK (including refreshments during walk and bus fares).


Discounts are offered for group bookings of 4 or more.


The jogging guides are paid cash prior to jog.





Jogs are available in the morning with an 8am start and in the evening for starts between 6pm-8pm from Monday to Friday. Weekend tours are available upon request.


When booking, please specify which jogging route you are booking, time and date of jog, preferred starting place and any preferences you may have.


To book a jog, please send an email to or contact:


Erik Eidsheim  +47 4741 4737

Ivan Ψstvik     +47 9953 0720


or book directly at our cooperating partner Go Running Tours, a world-wide provider of guided jogging tours:






We aim to take you safely through the streets of Bergen, but if incidents should take place, our guides carry first aid treatment kit with them for minor, on the spot treatment, as well as carrying mobile phone for calling upon emergency assistance if needed for more serious injuries. All jogging trips with us are conducted at your own risk.



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