Mountain jogging routes (MJRs) 





Run along the most scenic jogging route with a good overview of the city along the entire length of Fjellveien, which is a road running along the hillside of Mount Fløyen. The route starts and finishes in city centre. Duration of the MJR 1 route is approximately 1.5 hrs.





Enjoy a run away from the city into the beautiful and majestic Isdalen, where we will run along a small lake surrounded by high, steep mountain sides. The route starts and finishes in city centre. Duration of the MJR 2 route is approximately 1.5 hrs. 





This very steep uphill route is for people that are in good shape, who do not have problems with their knees and who are ready for a challenge. After a warm-up, we walk/jog slowly up approximately 900 steps, mostly stone steps, to the top which is 313 metres above the start of the climb. This is a narrow route cut into the hillside. After a short break at the top to drink and get some energy back, where we also can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings, we jog on firm gravel roads over Mount Fløyen, and down to the city. The route starts and finishes in city centre. Duration of the MJR 3 is approximately 2 hours.




This is a hiking route starting in the city with bus to Mount Ulriken cable car station, up with the cable car before walking back to Mount Fløyen over what is termed "Vidden" in Bergen, which is the mountain plateau to the east of the city between the two most known mountains in Bergen. This route is a walk to remember and only conducted when weather allows. It is app 6 hours long and exhausting in its way that it never let you rest. It is mountaineering terrain with a spectacular view of the city and its surrounding fjord and mountains. It is recommended to do it in the afternoon/early evening during May-Sept. We bring along refreshments and pick you up in the city centre and guide you all the way to Mount Ulriken and back to the city via Mount Fløyen. 


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